Official Guide For KU Engineering and science fair

The KU science fair is a competition where students present their science project. This project can be in the form of a display board or a science model that they have created. The purpose of this competition is for students to answer a question or task, not from a textbook but found out themselves by conducting a range of experiments and ongoing research in the amount of time allocated to them. The science fair welcomes all science projects; it can be a simple descriptive study of different trees that grow in the area to something more complex like building a robot that can spread butter. This science fair is about having fun and encouraging students to share what they find fascinating about science and engineering. There will be prizes for all contestants and exceptional presentations

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  • A self-made science project that can present or demonstrate interesting science/technology ideas.
  • Can include but not limited to: tri-fold presentations, robotics, interactive demonstrations.
  • All work on exhibits must be done by the exhibitors. Parents may only provide advice.
  • Can be anything you made for your own school's science fair.
  • The presentations cannot have any fire.
  • Any liquids used must be contained.
  • No smoke or vapor.
  • Nothing dangerous or harmful (use common sense).